The Memphis Area Master Gardeners present the 9th Annual

Saturday, June 2, 2018 

9th annual tour held 9 AM - 4 PM Rain or Shine


Our 9th annual tour is shaping up to be a fantastic garden event.  Our host gardens for 2018 are all within an 8-mile radius of each other making it easy for visitors to drop in at all five gardens.  Mark your calendars now for Saturday, June 2nd from 9 AM 4 PM for this fun event.


In addition to inspiring gardens to give you design ideas and solutions to common problems, there will be a plant sale of locally grown plants from the Memphis Botanic Garden, and detailed plant lists available for each garden as well as garden experts to answer questions and demonstrations to help you become a master of your garden!

Each of our gardens has a distinct personality and special features that make each garden a joy to behold. While all are different they are all beautiful and it will be hard to choose your favorite. Our host gardens belong to:

  • Kandi Reilly - Originally a sun-filled grassy lawn with erosion and drainage issues, this 1/3 acre property has been converted to a series of shady garden areas. The pool, designed and built to tuck into the trees along with the tiki grill hut, just steps away from the back door feel as if they are part of the gardens. Step down from the pool deck into private garden settings, or wander the paths to enjoy different garden vignettes all around the home. 
  • Angelika Hall - This suburban garden is located in an old neighborhood with majestic trees that provide more shade than the sun-loving, easy to grow plants would like. Learn about how Angelika has dealt with this challenge. A National Wildlife Certified Garden it is filled with plants that provide color and fragrance to attract pollinators and other insects which in turn attract the birds. A water feature adds to the peacefulness you will experience.
  • Levinna & Charles Kirksey - Their corner lot provides plenty of room for gardening and experimenting. A small patio serves as a meditation garden nestled in the shade surrounded by moss. Challenged with drainage issues they found a solution in a dry creek and small bridge. A small waterfall and pond produce soothing sounds that carry to the meditation area. The surprising element in this beautiful garden is also an element of the practical,  a large fig tree that generates more than enough fruit to consume each summer. 
  • Dixie Henderson - The landscaped garden and mature trees were major buying points for this avid gardener when she moved in three years ago. Heaters installed in the vaulted cover of her patio, allow her to better enjoy nature during the cooler months in her garden which is a designated wildlife habitat and a monarch way station. The trees have been judiciously pruned to allow for both sun and shade gardening. Low stone walls and gravel pathways are in place to address drainage issues in a creative manner.
  • Susan TePaske - Although this is a large lot our gardener has wisely chosen to make it seem expansive by incorporating a "borrowed view: of her neighbors' pond that they framed by strategically placed trees. The lot borders a heavily wooded area with a large moss garden that has been encouraged to thrive in the shade taking advantage of damp heavy clay soil. With the large diversity of trees and perennials in both shade and sunny areas, you won't want to miss this garden. 

Download this map for directions:

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